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  1. Our dog, Remy loves her water fountain!! She gets all excited when she sees us attaching it to the garden hose! There is no assembly. Just take it out of the box and attach to hose and the fun begins!!

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  2. My dogs love this! We got it for them because they love playing in the hose. They figured it out in about 15 minutes. All we did was keep pushing their paws down on it so they would see that this made fun water come out!

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  3. Our dog likes it but kept barking at it because he doesn’t wanna work for the water. It didn’t take him too long to learn how to get water. He loves water and we’ll definitely use this product frequently this summer. I give 4 stars because I do think it’s a little expensive, but it is a nice product.

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  4. I have 2 border collies and only the puppy really liked it, but I knew he would because he chased the water hose all the time. My other border collie Missi loves jumping into the lake but does not like this toy.

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  5. How awesome this is! Our dog is so happy to play with her water toy.

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